Boxing Betting – In-Depth Online Sports Betting Guide

A Guide to Boxing Betting

One of the most popular sports globally, boxing generates a large amount of interest whenever there is a big fight. Some of the most impressive fighters come from both Canada and the United States, but there are many other big names who hail from all corners of the globe.

Lennox Lewis, who represented Canada in the 1988 Olympics and proceeded to bring home a gold, is one of the best boxers Canada has ever seen, while Canadian-born Donovan Ruddock also fought champions like Mike Tyson and Arturo Gatti. Tyson, the late, legendary Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather are all American, and have made their name in the ring.

With big names like these it comes as no surprise that boxing betting has gained great popularity over the years. This exciting sport brings with it fantastic entertainment and lucrative betting options, and if you want to get in on the action it is simply a matter of understanding where to start.

Boxing Betting Explained

Online boxing betting is undeniably intoxifying, due to the fact that the outcome is the furthest thing from predictable, with unforeseen changes possible both on the day and in the ring. With 3 minute rounds and a 1 minute rest between the rounds, boxing matches can be won via knockouts, stoppage, a disqualification or due to points.

Punters interested in wagering on a fight can easily visit trusted online boxing betting sites, click on boxing and view the listed matches to get an idea what events are happening around the world.

Thereafter, it is simply a matter of checking odds to determine the favourite and the underdog, with the return always higher on the underdog. The better the odds, the better the payout. Often the underdog is well worth wagering on, but many punters prefer playing it safe and sticking with the favourite. Who you back is up to you, depending on whether you like taking risks!

Types of Bets

There are various types of boxing bets, from simple bets to the more complicated betting options. An example of a simple bet is Match Betting, where punters simply have to choose who they think will win the fight.

Another popular betting option in boxing is Round Betting, which requires punters to determine in which round their chosen boxer will be declared the winner. The more skilled betting options include the Method of Victory bet, which requires a bettor to guess how the match will be won, as well as the Will the Fight Go the Distance bet where bettors wager on whether they think the fight will go to the final round.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to understanding boxing betting and which fighter to pick, punters will need to go on more than just their personal hunch. Bettors need to look at current form, injuries, past fights and results, as well as the fact that there may also be controversial technical decisions in the match.

Thus, judges are yet another thing to consider, while the style of a chosen boxer should also be deeply examined. Popular or not, aggressive boxers don’t always bring home the gold, so it would be better to look for discipline and great defense in a boxer.

Boxing Betting Sites

Those passionate about the sport of boxing will know that there are some major one off bouts throughout the year, as well as various tournament-style matches that also run for the entire year.

The best sites won’t simply be safe, secure and friendly, they’ll also offer the very best odds on the aforementioned events, as well as a range of betting markets.

Boxing is a high octane sport, and betting on it can be just as exciting.


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