Booth suspended after remarks regarding Westgarth death

Booth Suspended for Offensive Remarks

Boxer Tyan Booth has just been suspended. This suspension has been instituted after the fighter made a series of offensive remarks about Scott Westgarth’s death.

Booth saw his license being revoked after the British Boxing Board of Control took issue with remarks that Booth posted on his Twitter account about the death of 31-year old fighter Scott Westgarth.

Westgarth passed away on Sunday morning after he took ill following a fight against Dec Spelman in Doncaster on Saturday. His young age makes the death a particularly sad one, and an outpouring of grief has been seen from both inside and outside of boxing. A fresh debate has begun regarding fighter safety, too, and with crossover boxing/ MMA fights looking to become more the norm, this is essential.

Calls for Boxing to be Banned

As those who participate by means of the Australian betting apps that offer such instant access will tell you, however, it is unlikely that this sport will get banned. It’s wildly popular, and, for the most part, has an overwhelmingly positive impact on those involved in it.

Booth Takes to Social Media

Booth, a native from Nottingham, posted senseless, disrespectful comments after news of Westgarth’s death was made public. Booth stated that he thought that people would enjoy it if he, Booth, got killed inside the ring like Westgarth did, using the hashtag man down at the end of it.

Booth didn’t stop there.

He then felt it appropriate to compare himself to Gerald McClellan. McClellan was a fighter from the United States of America who was left permanently disabled thanks to injuries he sustained after fighting Nigel Benn in 1995. Booth stated that he was due in the boxing ring in two weeks time, and that he had spent the past few months not training as he should and drinking too much cider, so there was a good chance McClellan’s fate would befall him.

One can only hope.

Coach Ingle Responds to News

The BBBC confirmed that Booth’s license had been revoked, and his coach, Dominic Ingle, has responded to the ban. He stated that the fighter’s inappropriate comments were being dealt with by the Ingle Gym and the BBBC, and that Booth has been asked to remove them.

Booth has not done so.

Many are Expressing Their Disgust

Booth was conducting interviews for IFL TV until the channel chose to distance themselves from the fighter, and Booth’s suspension come ahead of a fight he has scheduled, due to take place in just two weeks. It is unclear what will happen with this bout.

Westgarth’s brother, Adam, took umbrage, and quite rightly, and told Booth that his sibling had managed to accomplish far more than Booth would, or could. He also threatened the fighter, saying that unless these comments were taken down he, Westgarth, would fight him.

Additionally, the world of boxing has made its view of Booth’s stupid comments more than clear. Many professional fighters, including Anthony Upton Junior and Jerome Wilson, who is now retired, and was nearly himself killed in the boxing ring, have expressed their displeasure at Booth.


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