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Online Sports Betting Tips That Will Increase Your Chances of Winning

Many people love betting on sports because it is simple, fun and offers an opportunity to make some money. However, if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t rush off to start placing bets just yet. As simple as sports betting may seem, it’s usually not that easy to get everything right, especially when you are just starting. If you approach sports betting in the wrong way, then your experience may not be a pleasant one.

We are not saying all this to discourage you from betting on sports. We hope that by reading this short guide, you will be able to cultivate good habits from the onset. Here are a few tips for betting on sports, including boxing, and casino games.

Don’t ignore the unknown

Many matches involve well-known teams/fighters, but there are also many matches that involve popular champions against unknown opponents. In boxing, this is common in smaller weight divisions which are less publicized.

You can always find more information about less popular fighters by looking at boxing lines. For instance, if a champion is a moderate-to-small favorite over an opponent whom you don’t know much about, it’s likely that there is some value there. After all, sites set up lines based on the perception of the public; therefore, if they are only giving the favorite fighter a small edge, you can wager that the underdog has some value.

Take into account the effect of home advantage

Many bettors often place too much value on the favorite team even when it’s an away match for that team. The support from the crowd can motivate the home team to do better than expected. Even if the favorite team wins the game as expected, it will be by a small margin.

Keep your eye out for warning signs in the high-ranked fighter

A heavy favorite may go into a fight with an underdog only to be knocked down early and often. If only bettors could pay attention long before the fight took place, they would have seen telltale signs that the favorite fighter was deteriorating.

Poor training habits, personal problems, and outside distractions are factors that could weigh heavily on the champ. If you combine this with the narrow victories posted by the underdog, you may soon witness a once greater chap go down.  

Understand the sport

By understanding the game, you will be able to place more sensible bets.

  • In boxing, decisions often go to the wrong fighter more than they should. This is particularly true when a match is likely to go to a decision (where both fighters are hard to finish). You have to take the errors of the judge into account.
  • Most games in football end by 3 or 7 points; therefore, therefore, there is a big difference between -6.5 and -7.0 point bets because with -6.5, you will still win if your team wins by 7points; whereas, with -7.0, you will not win if your team wins by 7 points.

Bet against the general consensus

You may find bets that are better than the general consensus. Betting on these odds is likely to give you a profit. A bet that meets this criterion is likely a great one. However, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge to recognize such opportunities.

Bet with your head, not your heart

Don’t bet on a match just because you like the fighters or teams involved. Not all games will offer good odds; therefore, if you are not getting any value there, then you shouldn’t bet on them. When presented with games in which you are emotionally attached, it is always a good idea to stay away from them since you may not be able to make unbiased judgment.

Dot add too many games to the accumulator

It is easy to add too many games to the accumulator. Finding great opportunities is not easy; therefore, if you feel like you are finding many of those every day, especially at the beginning of your online sports betting career, you are betting on too many games, and you may not make a profit from your investment.

Focus on the returns, and not winners

The goal is not to pick out winners in matches, but to make profitable bets. If the estimated probability of a team losing is 80%, you still have a chance of making money if you get more than five times your bet in return. By betting on underdogs, you will get some great opportunities in the betting market.

Know online slots that are worth it

If you have been playing a specific online slot machine and you haven’t seen any wins, then it’s time to move on. Keep in mind random number generators when choosing an online slot to play. Each time you spin the reels, it will be a unique event.

Investing more money in an online slot machine doesn’t mean your chances of winning will increase. The Random Number Generator is in place to ensure that each spin has an equal chance of winning. For this reason, if you hit a losing streak, it is a good idea to try your luck at a different slot.

Take advantage of bonus offers

The online gambling industry is very competitive; as such, online betting sites offer welcome bonuses to attract new players. But experienced online bettors understand that the best sportsbook is not the ones that offer the most lucrative bonuses. It is crucial that you look at the terms and conditions of the bonus before using it. So, before you take advantage of the offers, make sure that you find the best bonuses.


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