Byrne calls for support-Negotiator wants promoters to come together and talk with BUI

Jay Byrne has called for all the Irish Boxing promoters to come together to try and reduce the costs of running a pro show in Ireland.

Byrne has very vocal in his criticism of the costs that come with promoting a show outside of the North in Ireland over the last week.

The active fighter and JB Promotions boss man seen a show set for July 7 cancelled this week and has alleges the BUI costs as the chief reason he had to pull the plug just over a week shy of fight night.

Indeed, the BUI Celtic champion went as far as to label the costs ‘extortionate’.

The cancelling The Beginning card  was a massive blow for Irish boxing outside a thriving Belfast and Byrne believes if something doesn’t change the game out side the current capital of Irish boxing  faces a dark future.

In order to achieve change ‘The Negotiator’ believes the active promoters have to come together, show solidarity and work out a charge agreement with the BUI.

“The only way to fix it maybe is for all of us promoters, coming together, agreeing a new structure, agreeing a new structure and then negotiating with the Boxing Union of Ireland over it,” he told the Herald before stating if an agreement can’t be reached the idea of a new Irish governing body should be explored.

“Either that or we need a whole new organisation.”


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