Best Boxing Betting Strategies

Boxing bets have been around since the bareknuckle slugfests of the early 1900s. A big name fight attracts millions in bets, most of them for the favorite. But boxing fans know that the sport occasionally has upsets that can be lucrative for bettors who have the audacity to back the underdog. A good example is the Buster Douglas/ Mike Tyson fight of 1990. Bookies priced Buster as a +4200 underdog. If you had the guts to place $100 on him, you could have walked away $4,200. What strategies can you use for consistent wins in boxing bets?

Bet on Unfamiliar Matches 

Boxing is a sport where subjectivity plays a big role in odds pricing. There is solid logic behind this. Good boxers can go undefeated for a long time, or never. Mayweather is a good example. Betting on a clear favorite like Mayweather has very little returns. Here is an example of a fight in 2021:

  • Avni Yildirim +1475
  • Canelo Alvarez -4500

While Canelo is the favorite, his pricing sucks. Spending $4500 to win $100 makes little sense if you are careful about your bankroll. 

There are a number of boxing fights going on every weekend. Most of them don’t make big news because they are in the lower weights, or are by relatively unknown boxers. But thanks to the internet, you can still find useful information to place lucrative wagers on boxing. Look at another fight where the boxers are relatively unknown:

  • Jamel Herring +120
  • Carl Frampton -140

This fight makes better bankroll sense. You are only spending $140 to get $100 when the favorite wins. While they are not well known, you can still find out useful information online about these fighters, including age and boxing history. You can also look up their social media pages and YouTube to see them in action. This betting strategy is for the conservative bettor who would like small consistent wins. Head over to this website to find the best sites for boxing

Bet on the Props When the Moneyline is Unfavorable

You can still make sensible bets when the moneyline is too steep. There are prop bets where you wager if a particular outcome will happen. Examples of prop bets are on:

  • Number of knockdowns 
  • Point deductions 
  • End by a decision 
  • End by a knockout 
  • End in a draw 

You can also place prop bets on any of the two fighters. An example of a prop bet from the Canelo fight would be Canelo Alvarez by KO, TKO, or DQ: -1500. Prop bets can be lucrative if you take the time to research a fight. 

Back Knockout Wins by  Big Name Boxers

Famous boxers get to the top because they are good at what they do. Mike Tyson’s record was 50-6. Out of those 50 wins, 44 were by knockout. This means if you had bet on every of Tyson’s fights to end with a knockout, 44 times you would be correct. It would give you a win rate of 78.5%, which is a high win rate in sports betting. 

Bet on Points in Aggressive Fights 

Boxers have different styles of fighting. Brawlers will usually get in close, wrestle their opponents and try to wear them out with body weight. Fouls are likely to occur in this kind of close-in aggression. Boxers start with a score of 10 points in each round. They lose a point each time they commit a foul, or get knocked down. Points betting also works when opponents are unmatched. It is likely that the ‘weaker’ opponent will get knocked down several times and perhaps end in a knockout.

Wager Parlay (Acca) Bets for Big favorites 

Big name fights come with more betting markets as bookies pile on the prop bets to cash in as much as they can. You too can make the most of it by placing a parlay bet. This is where you stack multiple bets on your betting slip.

There are two ways to go about it. You can do it as an accumulator or parlay bet. The total winnings can be huge because you win the total outcomes of all the bets if you are right. However, you lose everything if one of your picks loses.

The second method is a system bet. This bet covers all the possible combinations on your bet slip. For example, you have 5 picks on your bet slip. You could choose that three outcomes will be correct. You must stake for all five outcomes, but you win on any three correct ones. The win is lower than in a traditional parlay, but you will not lose all your money in case some picks lose.

Boxing betting is exciting and lucrative when you have a winning strategy. Take the time to research and try out different strategies, and you will start growing your bankroll. 


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