Three boxing betting tips people have to keep in mind before they start wagering

Boxing is one of the sports that many people bet on regularly. Some of them watch every popular event and know what to expect. However, others choose this sport when there are no other options to pick from. As you can probably guess, they usually need to read some betting tips before deciding which boxer and market to choose from. 

Unfortunately, there are not many places where people can read professional boxing betting tips. A large percentage of the “tips” found online are not accurate, which means they are not worth it. That’s why every online bettor interested in boxing who wants to learn more about this sport has to find a credible source for professional tips.

Although you may come across several suggestions, some of them are more important than others, so let’s go over them.

  1. You have to keep an eye on each boxer’s previous results

Regardless of which betting market in boxing you want to wager on, you need to know more information about the two players. Thanks to the information provided by one of the popular sites called Silentbet, we know that the best online betting sites for boxing are listed at this link:, so if you decide to visit it, you will find a variety of top-rated sports betting websites. After you go over the iGaming companies and decide which one you want to try out, don’t place a bet on any boxing event before learning more about the two fighters.

Old-school sports bettors know that learning more information about a given boxer’s previous results is not easy. However, gamblers have access to this information within seconds, thanks to the internet. In some cases, the bookmaker provides detailed statistics where punters can check each boxer’s win/loss rating and other important stats. 

  1. Don’t be fooled by the undefeated record of some boxers

Once online bettors who like boxing decide to check each player’s previous results, they will inevitably come across someone who hasn’t lost a single match. Even though this is impressive unless this boxer is Floyd Mayweather, you should be careful before placing a bet. That’s because those who haven’t lost yet usually hand-pick their opponents to accumulate as many victories as possible and get a chance to fight for the title. You can check whether this is the case by learning more information about the given boxer’s previous opponents. 

  1. Try to stay up-to-date with most boxer’s physical form

Learning more information about each fighter’s previous results is not that complicated, at least today. Since industry-leading platforms like Silentbet allow gambling fans to choose from a wide range of bookmakers, people can quickly find a brand that will provide them with this information. Unfortunately, even the best online bookmakers don’t have a news section, which means that gamblers can’t learn the latest info about the given boxer’s physical form.

In some cases, even the best fighters on the planet have problems that prevent them from showing everything they’re capable of. Even light injuries reflect on a boxer’s performance, which is why it is crucial to check this before wagering. Usually, you can tell that there is a problem if the odds for a given player seem too good to be true.


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