Frampton confident he can beat the competition and secure IBF title fight

 CARL Frampton is confident he will get a ringside glimpse of his next foe tomorrow night.

The Belfast star jets off to Spain to take in Kiko Martinez and Jeffrey Mathebula’s IBF World title fight and believes his team have the financial clout to attract the winner.

The 2000 capacity venue will have a number of interesting guests ringside as Scott Quigg and Gullerimo Rigondeaux also have eyes for the IBF super bantamweight World title and tomorrow night’s winner.

However, ‘The Jackal’ hopes to be made mandatory challenger for the strap and is confident he can fight off the competition and secure a shot at the winner.

 “I think we’re in a very strong position to fight the winner of Martinez-Mathebula. I think whatever happens these guys get more money fighting me than anyone else. We’ve got a good team behind us,” Frampton said.

 “I’ve been in a position to fight for the IBF title for a while, I’ve had their Inter-Continental title for a while. After Mathebula and Kiko I’m expecting to be promoted to the mandatory spot and fight the winner,” Frampton said.

If for some reason an IBF title fight can’t be made the former European champion has options, not least the well known Leo Santa Cruz, who holds the WBC version of the title and has expressed a desire to fight Frampton.

“There’s options for me. I’m highly ranked with the WBC. I think a fight with me and [Leo] Santa Cruz [the WBC champion] would be interesting as well.”