Maloney attacks Peters – again

28 November 2008 – by Mark Doyle

Frank Maloney has said that he is growing increasingly exasperated by rival promoter Brian Peters negotiating tactics.

The pair have been involved in a very public war of words over a proposed bout between European super-bantamweight champion Rendall Munroe, who is a part of Maloneys stable of fighters, and Peters star attraction, Bernard Dunne.

Peters has repeatedly claimed that he has offered Munroe a career-best payday to come to Dublin to fight former titleholder Dunne but that the Leicester man is being protected by his promoter.

Indeed, Peters took the unprecedented step of releasing his alleged offer of 60,000 to the media, a move which infuriated Maloney, who has long claimed that he is being messed about.

Brian Peters is getting publicity off the back of my fighter, Maloney fumed on Steve Bunceys Boxing Hour.

The first offer was 40,000, the second offer 100,000 which we never saw. Now were down to 60,000.

How can I deal with a man who doesnt know what he wants?

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