Tips to win on a casino

These days it seems as though most adults would have stumbled into a casino at one point in their lives, with many of them gambling in these establishments far more than just the once. There is no surprise there either, because 21st Century casinos have got so large and decadent that you simply have to see them, and the games aren’t half bad either! 

This is something that undeniably attracts a whole wealth of people to the gambling cause, but let’s not kid ourselves; the main thing leading people to visit casinos is the promise of winning some cold hard cash. It is not always as easy as it looks though, so read ahead for some tips to win and play at King Casino.

Never play American roulette 

Roulette is many people’s favourite casino game, because it can be hard to match the intensity and excitement of watching that ball spin around the roulette wheel, especially if you have a large bet on. If you want to win at roulette there is one definitive thing you should never do, and that is play the American version. 

Hear us out here; we’re not just being spiteful towards the yanks. The reason why American roulette is so much worse than European roulette is because it has an extra zero pocket on the wheel, something that therefore increases the house advantage by almost 100%! It means you have half the odds when playing on American roulette instead of European roulette, not what you want. 

Learn blackjack card counting 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a mathematician and don’t mind putting in the work blackjack card counting can be one of the most effective ways to win on a casino. It all revolves around keeping tabs on the blackjack cards that have been dealt, and then using this to deduce the nature of the cards that are left in the deck. 

When you become accomplished at doing this you will then be able to make much better betting decisions, as you will have a good idea of what is left in the deck. Just beware, because casinos aren’t exactly too fond of card counters, even though there is nothing illegal about it. 

Look at the RTP of online slots 

If online casino is where you like to do your casino gambling then you are definitely going to want to keep tabs on the RTP of online slots, because doing so can greatly improve your chances of winning. RTP stands for Return To Player, and is an essential piece of information available in the online slots sphere that can tell you the average amount you can expect back from your stake. 

It is given as a percentage, and we would recommend you aim for something above 98%. 

Hide your advantage 

In games like poker you simply must be good at bluffing and hiding any card advantage you might have, because if you do not other players will be alerted and may drop out before you can take full advantage.


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